Ramsey Rural Museum on the Air 2017

Museums on the Air 2017

Museums 2017 5

For the 11th year we find ourselves operating from Ramsey Rural Museum as GB2RRM (# 5166) for “Museums on the Air”, but this year we have to share our location with the Ford Corsair Owners Club AGM and also a Donkey Derby on Sunday, therefore had to relocate to a new operating location within the museum site. www.ramseyruralmuseum.co.uk

Malcolm (M0OLG) offered us the use of his caravan as our temporary home, so it was decided after a recce in May that we would site ourselves at the back of the museum’s main building which gave us enough estate to put up masts and antenna.

On the afternoon of Friday 23rd June, G1KWF, M0OLG, M0VTG, G7DIU and G4KLE followed the caravan onto site and positioned it on good standing then proceeded to erect 2 masts, one for centre of the G5RV (next to the caravan), one at the far end of the G5RV – we had decided at the recce that the other end of the G5RV would use a light fitting at the end of the museum building (an old lamp so no interference). Malcolm (M0OLG) stayed with his caravan overnight, he was invited to a BBQ by the Ford Corsair Owners Club but had an early night instead. Gerald (G8ALK) and Carol (G1KGV) visited Malcolm in the evening.

On Saturday 24th, we all paraded at 08:00hrs to start operating, Steve (G1KWF) had already set up the IC7200 and tested all equipment so we were ready to start. Malcolm made the brew and we had our first contact into Kent at 08:20 on 20m with a report of 5/9+20db – a great start. We also contacted Roger TM53IMW for the second year, who is operating a similar rural museum station from Musée de l’Évolution Agricole, JUVIGNÉ , France.

Museums2017 3

We had a number of visitors, operators and helpers throughout Saturday and managed to work a total of 65 contacts SSB and CW on 20m, 40m, and even 15m. Even an offer of some farm equipment over the air for the Museum.

We closed the station at 16:50 and left Malcolm again, but this time he was visited by Olga (his Station Manager).

We re-established the station at 09:22 on Sunday, working to the IOW Net. The conditions were not the best but we managed to have 58 contacts this day again split between SSB and CW, mainly 40 and 80m  with a few skirmishes onto 20m and 17m. A number of visitors dropped in to give their support and partake in a cup of tea and even a biscuit if Malcolm had not eaten them all. We closed and dismantled the station at 15:25.

STATS for Museums on the Air 2017


Saturday started at 08:25 (local)

Total contacts for day: 48 SSB, 17 CW (total 65)

Finished 16:53 (local)

Sunday started 09:22 (local)

Total contacts for day:  55 SSB, 3 CW (total 58)

Finished and dismantle site 15:25 (local)

Total contacts for the weekend was 123 which included 19 other Museums.

Visitors and Helpers:

Friday afternoon (Set-Up) 5 members

Saturday: 12 Helpers and Visitors

Sunday:  8 Helpers and Visitors

Dismantle of site: 6 Members

Thank you all again for your help and continued support to the Special Event stations that are put on for all members of HARS.

Mervyn S Foster – G4KLE

Chairman HARS

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GB1SMB – 10th September 2016

Churches and Chapels on the Air 2016



Planning for a Special Event station at St Mary’s Church, Buckden had started back in April this year when we said we would support the Church at Buckden in setting up our station for the “Churches and Chapels on the Air” event.

It was decided to erect the G5RV Antenna in the grounds of St Mary’s Church on the Friday before the event so as not to interfere with other activities and events that the church had planned for on the Saturday.

The erection team of Steve (G1KWF), Brian (G8CHC) and Mervyn (G4KLE) arrived at 10:30 on Friday. From a previous recce we had identified two suitable trees that would be used to hold up the ends of the G5RV. After a couple of attempts to throw the lead cord over high branches, we succeeded in hoisting up the antenna. We confirmed with the Church Wardens our area within the Living Stones Room, which had good access to the outside via the fire door. Weather on the Friday was dry and very warm.

On Saturday morning we arrived at the church to very different weather conditions, it had been raining all night and it was still raining quite heavily (good decision to erect antenna on Friday). Unfortunately the rain had worked on the ropes holding up the G5RV and with shrinkage; one end of the antenna was now laying on the ground. A quick repair and we were in business again, but with a slightly lower to the ground antenna. The Icom 7200 was installed, earth fitted so up and running by 09:20 (local). Our first contact was at 09:30 with Steve on the Mic talking to GB1SKC, St Keverne, Cornwall – the operator at the other end was Ivan, a former Chairman of the Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society, a great start.

We had a very lively period where we had QSO’s with a number of Churches and Chapels including Gloucester Cathedral, who had erected their Long Wire from the top of the Cathedral – approx 200 feet high.


We also had a visit by Bishop David (Bishop of Huntingdon) who showed a great interest in our activities and asked many questions, we also managed to let him take over the Mic, unfortunately we had no QSO’s at the time. During the day there were a number of Ladies and Gentlemen from the church visiting for Tea and Cakes who came over and were very interested and asked questions about Amateur Radio.

We had a total of 29 QSO’s throughout the day, 12 being with other Churches and Chapels. One contact was with OT4ERW/P a small chapel in Belgium. We also managed to cover the UK from Bottom to Top, our first contact (as mentioned) was with GB1SKC near the Lizard (Cornwall) and then to GB0SBC – the most northerly church on mainland Scotland – Land’s End to John O Groats

Members on Saturday were – Steve (G1KWF), Brian (G8CHC), Richard (M6TXR), Clive (G3NKQ) and Mervyn (G4KLE), who all took turns in Operating and Logging. We also had a visit by Stev (G1MVF) from Leicester.


We would like to thank the Revd Jes Salt and all members of St Mary’s Church, Buckden for making us very welcome, and could we do it again next year.

Mervyn S Foster   G4KLE

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G4KLE Operating with Low Power and Portable

G4KLE Operating with Low Power and Portable

Took Elecraft KX3 out last week for a little bit of Low Power (5 Watts QRP) working from Ferry Lagoon (Fen Drayton Lakes, Cambridgeshire).

Ferry LagoonFDLakes3




After making sure batteries were fully charge and packing up my BikeQRP“Shack in a Sack”, I mounted my trusty steed (mountain bike) and rode the 5 miles to a previously recced site for an afternoons Amateur Radio operating. Sun was shining and the temp was about 21C, so perfect for sitting by the lake.

Set up within 10 minutes with my 10m SotaBeam Travel MastSetUpQRP supporting my BandHopper IV Linked Dipole AE on 40m.

On plugging into KX3 I thought there must be a fault as I could not hear anything on the Band, not to be perturbed, I put out a CQ call on CW and straight away I was rewarded with a reply of 579 from a station up in Newcastle (400 miles). I realised that there QTH1QRPwas no AE or Eqpt fault; it was just that this location (in the middle of a lake – figuratively speaking) was free of any interference. FANTASTIC!!

Stayed out for 2 hours in a very quiet and pleasant QTH and made 7 contacts (England, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Germany & Norway) in total (6 CW QTH2QRP(Morse) and 1 SSB (Voice)). I was very pleased with my excursion to a very new location.

Oh yes, as well as checking out the new location, it was the first time that my KX3 had traveled in its new box;Portable and QRP Box4

So, Best 73’s and hope to update again later…..

Mervyn – G4KLE/QRP/P

Morse Key


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GB2NM – Amateur Radio at the Norris Museum

GB2NM – Norris Museum


Thanks to those who joined me at the Norris Museum on 20 June 2015 for the first “Museum on the Air” from the Norris Museum, St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

We arrived at the Museum at 08:30 and were up and ready by 09:03 with our first contact at 09:10   (GB0WCT – RAF Wainfleet Control Tower, Friskney, Lincs) 59 – a good start!!


We had a total of 60 contacts throughout the day (57 SSB AND 3 CW), quite a few G stations, including 15 other Museums ( + Flag Fen (Peterborough), the Royal Signals Museum, Blandford), stations from GI, GW, GU plus DK, DL & PA. Closing at 15:45 as the Museum closed at 16:00.

I think we made a very good impression with the Museum curator who wants us to put the station on again next year, although it may be during the Museum restoration period (but they will find us a place). Also, it was so nice to have her father (Ian – M0OCN) who come all the way from Kings Lynn to see us and may come and play a little longer next year.

There was a Picture and Photograph exhibition taking place at the same time in our room, so we had a large number of visitors who just popped in to see the exhibition and were very interested in our activity. We even had two Ham Operators from Canada who just decided to visit the museum and were doubly impressed that not only did they see this hidden gem of St Ives, but were able to see GB2NM in operation. We had the current St Ives Lady Mayoress, Mrs Gilly Jackson, visit us in the afternoon to give us support.


My little KX3 with KXPA100 worked extremely well (on 60 watts output) and I was so please that the SOTABeam Band Hopper IV, supported in the center with a 6m Prowhip,  worked extremely well and was giving us mostly reports of 57 to 59 and also quite a few 59+10 & 20dbs throughout the day even though the band was not great.

So, My very big thanks you Dave (M0VTG) Nigel (G6LSB) and Steve (G1KWF) for being there and I look forward to next year,…..

BIG Thanks and Best 73’s.

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Walking healthier than running

Walking Healthier than Running

Walking v RunningBrisk walking reduces the risk of heart disease more effectively than running when the energy expenditure of both activities is balanced out according to a new study published in the American Heart Association journal, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

Researchers compared data from two studies of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers. For the same amount of energy used, walkers experienced greater health benefits than runners.

The effects on participants, who were aged 18 to 80, were observed over a period of six years and it was observed that although running reduced the risk of heart disease by 4.5%, walking reduced it by more than double at 9.3%.

Calorie for calorie, walking also had a stronger impact on heart disease risk factors with the risk of first-time high blood pressure being reduced by 4.2% by running as compared to 7.2% by walking.

First-time high cholesterol risk was lowered by 4.3% by running and 7% by walking, and the risk of first-time diabetes was reduced by about 12% by both walking and running.

“Walking and running provide an ideal test of the health benefits of moderate-intensity walking and vigorous-intensity running because they involve the same muscle groups and the same activities performed at different intensities,” said study leader Dr Paul Williams, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

“The more the runners ran, and the walkers walked, the better off they were in health benefits. If the amount of energy expended was the same between the two groups, then the health benefits were comparable.
“People are always looking for an excuse not to exercise but now they have a straightforward choice to run or to walk and invest in their future health.”

This article is repeated from a publication on:

Human Kinetics Sport, Health & Fitness Blog

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Welcome to Huntingdonshire Speakers Club and Toastmasters International

Looking to improve your Speaking and Leadership skills? Ignite your Career? Win that Job Interview?

You’re looking in the right place. Since 1924, more than 4 million people around the world have become more confident speakers and leaders because of their participation in Toastmasters.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Today, our membership is 270,000 strong Worldwide. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,000 clubs in 116 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

Membership in Huntingdonshire Speakers Club and Toastmasters in one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. At £25 every six months, it is also one of the most cost-effective skill-building tools available anywhere. Read more about the Features, Benefits and Value of a Huntingdonshire Speakers Club and Toastmasters International membership.

How Does It Work?

  • A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere. Our Club has 20 to 30 members who meet biweekly (1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month). A typical meeting lasts 60–90 minutes (with a Dinner Break in the middle).
  • There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success. Meeting participants also give impromptu talks on assigned topics, conduct meetings and develop skills related to timekeeping, grammar and parliamentary procedure.
  • Members learn communication skills by working in the Competent Communication manual, a series of 10 self-paced speaking assignments designed to instil a basic foundation in public speaking.
  • Members also learn leadership skills by taking on various meeting roles and working in the Competent Leadership manual. In our learn-by-doing approach, we don’t lecture members about leadership skills; we give them responsibilities and mentoring to help. Then we ask them to lead.

Why should I join?
The Toastmasters program offers many benefits that help people in all walks of life. As a result of participating in Toastmasters, you will:

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Become a better speaker
  • Become a better leader
  • Communicate more effectively

Membership of Huntingdonshire Speakers club is affordable – a great value that can change your life that costs less than a £ a day. Your initial investment:

  • £25 New member fee
  • £25 Dues for six months, plus any club expenses.

More than 4 million people have discovered the benefits of this proven learning formula. What are you waiting for? Joining is easy – just a few simple steps:

Step 1:
Visit Huntingdonshire Speakers club.

  • Each group has a different personality, so you may wish to visit more than one Club. Your visit is free, and some clubs may allow you to return as often as you like.
  • We meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each Month at the Cambridge Golf and Conference Centre, Hemingford Abbots Golf Complex, Cambridge Road, Huntingdon, PE28 9HQ. The CGCC website

Step 2:
At the meeting, ask the President or Vice President Membership for a membership application Form and fill it out.

Step 3:
Give your application and dues to the Vice President Membership at the club.

  • Once you are voted in by the existing membership, the club officer will send your application and fees to Toastmasters’ World Headquarters.
  • Your New Member Kit should arrive in the mail in about two weeks (kits outside of the U.S. may take longer).

We look forward to meeting you at our next Club Meeting….  Which is on: Wednesday 1st August starting promptly at 6pm.

More detail on our Web Site, Link below.


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Nordic Walking – The Secret Fitness Weapon for Walkers

Walking has at all times been the best way for people to start moving their bodies and getting active no matter what their age or circumstance. Doctors have always prescribed walking as a part of ongoing rehabilitation for heart patients, osteoporosis patients, arthritis patients, and multiple sclerosis patients, and many more. It’s secure and very effective. Almost everybody can take part in a walk! And did I mention that its fun,


Now there is a way you can turn your atypical walk into a splendidly beneficial fitness activity. Add Nordic Walking Poles!!! Just by adding poles and utilizing Nordic Walking Technique taught by a qualified instructor, you can maximize your walking routine and begin enjoying the many extra benefits that this activity will carry to your routine. And among the finest benefits is that you just don’t even know you’re working out.

Using Nordic Walking poles burns up to 45% more energy than regular walking. Imagine that, burn up to 400 calories per hours as in comparison with 280 per hour for normal walking. And then by using the proper technique you further increase your calorie consumption even more. Walking with poles lets you reach the identical intensity as running without all the high impact, and best of all, without the perceived exertion.

It strengthens your upper body, your stomach, chest, back, neck and arms. Try to get all this out of a standard walk! Nordic Walking makes use of about 90% of all of the muscles in your body, and the walking poles actually relieve the stress in your joints.

Would you, like many of us, like to lose just a few pounds and shed a couple of inches off your waistline? Maybe you’d like to cut back the threat of heart issues or of suffering a stroke? Increasing the activity of your heart and lungs and lowering your blood pressure may be vital for you. Or perhaps you wish to have more vitality and feel fitter overall? Best of all, Nordic Walking places you in a superb mood. It is a fun activity that’s energetic and relaxing.

The most important key to any successful fitness program is discovering activities that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy an activity, chances are you won’t keep at it. Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing recreational fitness sports, it is a revolutionary full body workout that you can do anywhere,  it’s based on natural movement patters of walking so is an accessible form of exercise. If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk!

Mervyn Foster is your local INWA Nordic Walking Instructor and trained with British Nordic Walking, offering Beginner and Improver classes in the Huntingdon and Cambridge area. He discovered Nordic Walking whilst training for the Pathfinder 46 mile March in 2009 and has now competed in the event three times. He holds full Liability Insurance and is a trained First Aider.

You can contact Mervyn at the links below:

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