GX0HSR – HARS at Buckden Village Fete

Village Fete Logo

Another outing on Saturday 1st July 2017 for Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society, this time to support Buckden Village Hall and their Village Fete. We have our club meeting here on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month.

We had been given our location on the sports field by the Festival Committee about a week in advanced, but on arrival at 8am on Saturday 1st July, M0VTG and G4KLE we were informed that we had now been allocated a new pitch between the Girl Guides Gazebo and the extra-large Trampoline Frame. Unperturbed we did a quick recce, changed our plans and started to lay out our Gazebo. We had expected Steve (G1KWF) to join us but he had been directed to the old location and watched M0VTG & G4KLE fighting in the wind to keep the Gazebo on the ground, he decided to join us after it was up with Malcolm (M0OLG) not far behind.


The antenna was erected at the rear of the Gazebo, an Off Centre Fed Dipole (OCFD) made by M0VTG, safety tape around Masts and the trusty IC7200 was fired up and tested. We decided to use Battery power and Steve brought along a large 12v battery he took off a tractor we think. Our first contact was at 09:16 with PA3GFY (Rob – Netherlands) on SSB giving us 5/7.

              Buckdenfete2    Buckdenfete4

Throughout the day we were visited by Brian (G8CHC) and Phil (G0AYX) plus  visits by Richard (M6TXR), Clive G3NKQ – after we worked him on the key from his QTH in Perry) and Stig (G1MVF). We even had a Radio Amateur from South Africa – John  ZR6ART – who was visiting his son in Buckden.


We managed to total up 26 contacts in all, with 22 CW – working into Norway, European Russia, Hungary, Czech Rep, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, South France and even Hartford (G4LHI). Bands use 40m, 80m, 20m and 30m.

Our last contact was at 16:37 on 30m CW with Knut – DL1DTX (Dresden), and then M0VTG, M0OLG, G1KWF, G1MVF and G4KLE dismantled the station and cleared up the site until next year.


Mervyn S Foster – G4KLE

Chairman, HARS

(Photos by Brian (G8CHC) and Stig (G1MVF))


About Mervyn S Foster

Being semi-retired my hobbies are Amateur Radio and I hold a full UK transmitting licence (G4KLE), Chairman of Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society and Pyrography (Wood Burning Art). I am an INWA Nordic Walking Instructor having trained with British Nordic Walking, I organise Nordic Walks for those who wish to improve their Fitness and Health. I hold full Liability Insurance and am a trained First Aider. I am also a Business Mentor and Public Speaker.
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