Nordic Walking – The Secret Fitness Weapon for Walkers

Walking has at all times been the best way for people to start moving their bodies and getting active no matter what their age or circumstance. Doctors have always prescribed walking as a part of ongoing rehabilitation for heart patients, osteoporosis patients, arthritis patients, and multiple sclerosis patients, and many more. It’s secure and very effective. Almost everybody can take part in a walk! And did I mention that its fun,


Now there is a way you can turn your atypical walk into a splendidly beneficial fitness activity. Add Nordic Walking Poles!!! Just by adding poles and utilizing Nordic Walking Technique taught by a qualified instructor, you can maximize your walking routine and begin enjoying the many extra benefits that this activity will carry to your routine. And among the finest benefits is that you just don’t even know you’re working out.

Using Nordic Walking poles burns up to 45% more energy than regular walking. Imagine that, burn up to 400 calories per hours as in comparison with 280 per hour for normal walking. And then by using the proper technique you further increase your calorie consumption even more. Walking with poles lets you reach the identical intensity as running without all the high impact, and best of all, without the perceived exertion.

It strengthens your upper body, your stomach, chest, back, neck and arms. Try to get all this out of a standard walk! Nordic Walking makes use of about 90% of all of the muscles in your body, and the walking poles actually relieve the stress in your joints.

Would you, like many of us, like to lose just a few pounds and shed a couple of inches off your waistline? Maybe you’d like to cut back the threat of heart issues or of suffering a stroke? Increasing the activity of your heart and lungs and lowering your blood pressure may be vital for you. Or perhaps you wish to have more vitality and feel fitter overall? Best of all, Nordic Walking places you in a superb mood. It is a fun activity that’s energetic and relaxing.

The most important key to any successful fitness program is discovering activities that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy an activity, chances are you won’t keep at it. Nordic Walking is one of the fastest growing recreational fitness sports, it is a revolutionary full body workout that you can do anywhere,  it’s based on natural movement patters of walking so is an accessible form of exercise. If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk!

Mervyn Foster is your local INWA Nordic Walking Instructor and trained with British Nordic Walking, offering Beginner and Improver classes in the Huntingdon and Cambridge area. He discovered Nordic Walking whilst training for the Pathfinder 46 mile March in 2009 and has now competed in the event three times. He holds full Liability Insurance and is a trained First Aider.

You can contact Mervyn at the links below:

About Mervyn S Foster

Being semi-retired my hobbies are Amateur Radio and I hold a full UK transmitting licence (G4KLE), Chairman of Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society and Pyrography (Wood Burning Art). I am an INWA Nordic Walking Instructor having trained with British Nordic Walking, I organise Nordic Walks for those who wish to improve their Fitness and Health. I hold full Liability Insurance and am a trained First Aider. I am also a Business Mentor and Public Speaker.
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