Huntingdonshire ARS Newsletter #005

Village hall

January 2018 – HARS Newsletter #005

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Out and About:.
A number of members took the opportunity on Wednesday 13th December to visit the RSGB National Radio Centre (GB3RS) at Bletchley Park plus a tour of the Code Breakers Site. Although being one of the coldest tours that they had been on (as quoted by G1KWF) an enjoyable day was had by all.


A reminder to all members, if you are RSGB members then you can visit Bletchley Park (FREE) by downloading a voucher at

By Mervyn/G4KLE – Chairman Hunts ARS


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Huntingdonshire ARS Newsletter #004

Village hall

December 2017 – HARS Newsletter #004

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By Mervyn/G4KLE – Chairman Hunts ARS

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Huntingdonshire ARS Newsletter #003

Village hall

By Mervyn/G4KLE – Chairman Hunts ARS

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Railways on the Air – Nene Valley Railway

GB0NVR – 23rd & 24th September 2017
Railways on the Air – Nene Valley Railway

The Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society once again this year took part in Railways on the Air as GB0NVR at Wansford Station on the Nene Valley Railway near Peterborough. The NVR management this year invited us onto the main platform where Mervyn G4KLE, David M0VTG, Malcolm M0OLG, and Gerald G8AKL erected our gazebo and antenna on the Friday afternoon. This year ROTA coincided with Thomas the Tank Engine weekend and so we were able to enjoy the look on the children’s faces as Thomas came steaming in. Thomas at NVR is, of course, the only true Thomas as the Reverend Audrey the author of the books of our childhood and living as he did in Stilton just 5 or so miles away personally named Thomas at NVR many years ago.

   Photo by Scott Gilbert 2E0KFI

Mervyn G4KLE and David M0VTG arrived on site at 0830 on Saturday and the station was set up and operating by 0915. We were joined shortly later by Malcolm and Sid M0SRS who took turns to operate throughout most of the day. Scott 2E0KFI, a professional photographer, arrived with his son Billy during the afternoon and took many photographs. We were visited by Ed N3US who was staying in the area with his son and other radio amateurs from the Peterborough area also looked in. Saturday realized some 46 QSOs on 40 and 80 metres. The WX was fine after a very light shower at around 0930 after which it was warm and with sunny intervals. All in all a very enjoyable day.

Sunday brought equally fine weather and David M0VTG activated the station again by 09.15. The morning was slow with only regular nets seeming to be around and with few replies to CQ calls. However, things picked up later when David was joined by Mervyn G4KLE at 12:45 after his regular 7 mile Nordic Walk. Around mid-afternoon following another period and a visit to the Station Cafe for a cup of tea we decided to have a final go before packing up. Needless to say, Mervyn was then faced with a large pileup for the next hour. We worked another 36 stations that day.

Altogether we had contacts with 82 stations, twelve of which were other ROTA stations. The equipment used was the Society’s ICOM IC-7200, LDG 100 Pro II, and G5RV at about 20 feet roughly east-west. During the weekend we also watched 92 Sqn Battle of Britain class ‘Spamcan’ haul trains to Peterborough while Thomas chuffed his way through the tunnel to Yarwell and back.
Written by David Howlett

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Churches and Chapels on the Air – GB1SMB

GB1SMB – 9th September 2017

We were back again at St Mary’s Church, Buckden, Cambridgeshire to set up our station for the “Churches and Chapels on the Air” event.


The G5RV Antenna erecting team of Brian (G8CHC), Nigel (G6LSB) and Mervyn (G4KLE) arrived at 08:30 Saturday morning, with new throwing techniques demonstrated, the antenna was up in quick time, also with roof work being done on the church, we managed to get the builders to attach a rope to scaffolding at the tower end of the church.

With antenna hoisting completed, David (G4ETG) joined us and we moved into the Living Stones Room (part of the church) to set up the rig (Icom 7200 in NEW traveling frame) and display board.


The station was up and running by 09:30, Nigel (G6LSB) on the Mic having his first contact with GB4KMC (Kinver Methodist Church, Stourbridge – Geoff). We had a lively period up until midday with 4 other Churches and Chapels on the log then things went quiet.


We were visited again this year by Bishop David (Bishop of Huntingdon) who made a beeline for us, sat down and listened to a contact. The ladies of the church kept us refreshed with tea/coffee and homemade cakes throughout the morning, some came over and asked many questions about Amateur Radio.

We had a total of 13 QSO’s throughout the day, 5 being with other Churches and Chapels. Radio conditions were not good and even Hack Green was flat as a pancake most times.

Members who visited and operated on Saturday were – Brian (G8CHC), Nigel (G6LSB), David (G4ETG), Phil (G0AYX), Gerald (G8AKL), Carol (G1KGV), Sid (M0SRS), Malcolm (M0OLG), David (G7DIU) and Mervyn (G4KLE).

We would like to thank Brian (G8CHC) and Phil (G0AYX) for being our points of contact with the church and to the Revd Jes Salt and all members of St Mary’s Church, Buckden for making us very welcome once again, and could we do it again next year.

Mervyn S Foster


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Hunts ARS Rally at St Neots

Wow, what an excellent Huntingdonshire ARS Radio Rally this year, the WX was definitely on our side. We had over 300 punters thru the gate and 52 Traders in the hall and on the field.

We had traders from S Yorkshire, Essex, Lincolnshire and even Cornwall. Many of the traders had moved on to us from the Milton Keynes Rally on Sunday, and on arrival had started setting up their stalls as we arrived to arrange the hall and parking area.

We had 12 stalls in the Hall and 40 on the field. The Car park was filling up fast and the great job was done by the local RAF Cadets who were very smart and well looked after by their leaders. We supplied them with a burger and drink and we shall be visiting the Squadron soon to hand over a cheque for their funds.


A Big Thank You to those few who helped set up on the Sunday evening and all those members who put a lot of effort into helping from 7am Monday morning with Car Parking, Gate Operating, the Bring and Buy stall and just meeting and greeting on behalf of HARS.

HARS Rally Team

(M0OLG/ Rally Coordinator & G4KLE/HARS Chairman)
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Young People And Amateur Radio

With all the items last week on YOTA here in the UK, this shows what a young Amateur can do (7 years old but very interesting)

Coastal Ham Radio

As many of you know CHR has had many posts about young people and are they still interested in Amateur Radio. While looking for posts to put on the website I came across this interesting piece. Albeit the story dates back some seven years this post is about a girl and amateur Radio. Although her interest is in satellite communication this article is almost a primer for any new ham and what you need to get up and running.

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